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Help Solange survive her spring allergies in Super Monkey Pollen Protector! Take command of the two Super Monkeys that live in her stylish new Pollen Protectors and fight the evil pollen in a mix of Pong and vertical shooter! Play by yourself for the full challenge or ask a friend to share the fun!

Each Super Monkey protects one of Solange's nostrils from roaming Pollen. You must catch the small ones to throw against the bigger ones! But be careful: if you run out of Pellets to throw, you can't repel bigger Pollen. Maybe your buddy can throw some at you?

One player can control both Super Monkeys at the same time for the ultimate dexterity experience, but the real fun comes from sharing: ask a friend or family member to control the other Monkey! Local multiplayer Pollen Protection, yeah!


Play with your keyboard or with controllers
Action Left Monkey Right Monkey Left Monkey Right Monkey
Left a Left stick Right stick
Right d
Throw w or g ↑ or - Left trigger Right trigger
Mod f Right shift Left button Right button

You can use one or two XBox 360 controllers and/or the keyboard in any combination you like

Use esc on the keyboard or Start on the gamepad to pause.

Super Monkey Pollen Protectors is an individual project that was built and published entirely during the month of April.

If you like it, tell your friends! And tell me too, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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